CSS is awesome and you know it!

It is time to remind front-end community what the greatness of HTML and CSS is!

Lviv was waiting a long time for event that can prove that CSS is a lot more than you can think. And we are ready to make this event happen.

What this event would look like? Like no other. You’ll be surprised with unusual content, stunning speakers, great networking and we are ready to tell you how CSS is linked and related to other fields and why you should know this.


P.S. Together.

Great line-up

Anton Nemtsev

Founder and chief-editor of Frontender Magazine with more than seventeen years of experience in the frontend development. Free Hugs.

Mykola Hlibovych

UX Engineer at Lohika

Bohdan Rusinka

Team Lead and Senior Front End Developer at Binary Studio

Alexey Kalyuzhnyi

Front-end and WordPress teacher at Beetroot Academy

Yuri Artiukh

CTO at coderiver


Time Event
10:00 – 10:10 Opening
10:10 – 11:10

Holy Grail

Anton Nemtsev

Let’s talk about layouts. Holy grail trip from prehistoric times to nowadays. With chocolate, cream and cherry on the top.

11:10 – 11:25


11:25 – 12:25

SVG filters in action

Alexey Kalyuzhnyi

The power of SVG filters is matched by the depth and complexity of available options. I will show you how to build SVG filters to create interesting visual effects, how to apply these effects within an SVG graphic, and how to apply them to HTML content using the filter CSS property.

12:25 – 12:40


12:40 – 13:40

Idiosyncrasy of styling in React Native

Bohdan Rusynka

Peculiarities of React Native styling and why a paragraph in official docs is not enough to grasp it

13:40 – 14:40


14:40 – 15:40

Life and adventures of pixels

Yuriy Artyukh

How is it to be a pixel? How does it feel like? What makes you happy? Whats your religion as a pixel? And what is the role of frontend developer in his life? About some crazy animations, shaders, and all the ways we can influence life of pixels.

15:40 – 15:55


15:55 – 16:55

Great design !== great implementation

Mykola Hlibovych

Mykola will tell you about tools and methodologies you need to create product so close to initial idea that you’ll see no difference in design and implementation. Also he will share with you how designer can commit to project development and how to achieve perfect team collaboration.

16:55 – 17:25

Closing ceremony